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Team Spirit
Team Spirit

These rules are for Bayfield County Dirt Dash Racing ONLY. You will need to contact Ashland County for their rules.

Event Fee 

The fee for this event is $37.00 for car and driver and $15.00 for a pit crew pit pass. This includes your daily fair admission for the day. This year the fair board is requiring  that your pit crew be listed on your registration form. We will have these forms for you to fill out when you arrive and register. Please be aware and have this info ready. Only those people on the form will be allowed in the pits. For insurance reasons they are trying to cut down on the amount of people in the pit area. If a person is NOT listed on your form at the time of registration they will NOT be allowed in the pits. The fair had a hard time keeping track of people so you will NOT be allowed to add anyone after you register. If they are not a member of your pit help they do not need to be in the pits. It is much better to see from the stands and for their safety. Thanks for your help in this.

Please be sure to click on one of the dots in the class so I know if you are Pro or Am. It will save time since I won't have to email you and wait for a response. Also you can check back to the bottom of this page to see if you are registered and what your number will be.


If you do not see your name below after a few days please email me to see if I received your form. Be sure to hit the Submit box so it goes through. You will need to do that for both the registration and the questionnaire. They are 2 different forms. You need to click on the submit button in each section for them to be summitted.


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Pro Class

  1.  Brandon Hummelmeir              84
  2.  Neil Gay                                   75
  3.  Chris Martens                          10m
  4. RJ Holly                                    7r
  5. Cameron Bond                         69xxx
  6. Brett Klavon                             71
  7. Phillip Tutor                              22
  8. Craig VanBuskirk                     53
  9. Jacob Follis                             32

Am Class

  1. Colleen Walmsley                      02 
  2. Keanna Hoven                           7
  3. Landon Smith                            132
  4. Jonathon Nelson                       192
  5. Brendan Golly                            01
  6. Mike Davidson                           86D
  7. Devin Griffin                               007


  1.  Jim Klipping                 4